A page to gather notes on virtualization infrastructure relevant for OSG related activities (ITB, workshops, Tier 3 support, etc).

VMware Deployments

VM machine types

These are for a typical OSG cluster farm.

  • Basic SL 5.3 server
  • NFS server
    • /home
    • $APP
  • Head node
    • Condor master
    • Ganglia
    • Gatekeeper
  • Storage server
    • BestmanGateway + Gridftp server
    • Local disk partition
  • Worker node
  • GUMS server


default vm configuration?

vlan 101 internal network, vlan 624 external network

how to make a vm start on bootup of vmware?

how to remove a vms disk files after its no longer needed?

select vm, inventory -> virtual machine -> remove from inventory vs delete from disk

Disk files are stored like [datastore 1] itb gums/itb gums.vmdk

vmdks are vmware disks: Virtual Machine Disk Format (VMDK) - VMware http://www.vmware.com/technical-resources/interfaces/vmdk.html

Create a new VM


name it itbv-c001

ITB vms should start with itbv-

select datastore datastore1 vm version 7 guest os linux redhat enterprise linux 5 64bit

we will give a worker 2cpus so nonjob processes can run well while the job is running

2GB memory to run one job aka "2056MB"

network for a worker is internal, vlan 101 network

lsi logic parallel scsi controller

important to select "Allocate and commit space on demand (thin provisioning)

http://www.vmware.com/products/vstorage-thin-provisioning/ "Thin Provisioning lets vSphere Administrators subscribe more capacity to virtual machines than they actually have, eliminating the waste of resources and space caused by unused over-allocated storage."

50GB disk for a single core worker

select "store with the virtual machine" for location

virtual device node scsi 0:0

then click create

now you have an entry in the vm list under itbv-esx1

you cant see the mac address yet, we have to start the vm

so select your new vm->power->power on

then click console and watch it boot, try to get the MAC

add to uct2-mgt dhcpd.conf add to cobbler sync up cobbler and dhcp, select power->reset on the vm

when it boots up cobbler should install!


-- RobGardner - 06 Oct 2009
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