Glide-in WMS (Marco)

  • This is the VO front-end: contains four parts: user-pool collector (a Condor collector); glide-in VO front-end - python service thats connects to the factory, triggering the submission of glide-ins. user-pool schedd, where the "user" submits his own jobs. This has been packaged together into an rpm, glidewmsvofrontend (by Burt and Derek, w/ Brian). Intention is that VDT takes over this. Glide-in (aka pilots) are submitted by a "factory" - you can install your own, or use the OSG production Glidein factory running by UCSD. Marco is using the UCSD factory. A VO manager uses Burt's rpm. All users of the VO connect using the schedd. There is a submit machine setup at Nebraska. Users are given a Unix account. This is odd - but its a submit host for a small community.
  • Its a user interface machine.
  • Is it okay to create accounts for users?
  • How to manage individual ssh accounts?
  • Do we need to make quaranteened machine? cilogon, shibboleth, ...
  • Marco - develop a testing plan for CG components.
  • A functional campus router; submit to ITB.


  • setup "certify" - runs on itb-mon, checks host and service certs. will create new certs for that machine. Fermilab and UCSD is using it. cert-based Condor auth used by worker. John Hover is supporting it.
  • Tanya convo re: storage. Testing of dCache - at least to install. xrootd - there are rpms and pacman version (which is old), still undergoing transition w/ rpms. Use pacman install for now. Timeline? Eval. of CERN rpm this week. What are they changing by default. FRM issue.
  • Panda infrastructure and links into ITB. Switch to autopyfactory.
  • Broken images in ganglia links.
  • Completely off tier3. Clean up tier3.
  • April 13 is first day of downtime for ITB cluster.
  • Storage resources up this week. Will restart vm's for xrootd.
  • Fix up Panda queues. Something broken w/ ATLAS pilots.
  • Remove old queue.
  • Get Engage and HCC running on ITB, and pilot factory.


  • edge6 is done.


* Process agreement? Maybe. * Co-authored email from Nate and Suchandra

-- RobGardner - 29 Mar 2011
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