Minutes Mar 1


Nate installed c001, c002, c003

MWT2 repo has been updated with security updates for SL5.5

  • itbv-mon
  • itbv-web - routing problem to solve (not reachable)

  • Repository with updated Torque/Maui RPMs
  • Set of puppet rules for compute nodes, collector, headnode
  • All ITB rules/classes have been labeled with "-itb"

Modules are named based on programs. Within the module there are different classes that depend on the people that use it (define your own classes).

Discussion on Puppet:
  • track the changes in CVS
  • use a separate Puppet for ITB

All new machines are using a new home server

edge7 and c018 are using edge4 as home dir server

move panda and ITB robot to point to the new machine

Plan for the week


Nate plan:
  • Aaron and Nate will test the Xrootd system
  • install ganglia
  • install itb-cloud

  • get the itbv-web routing sorted out (Nate)
  • head and worker up (1/4 day to debug puppet rules, 1/2 day for PBS)
  • document puppet-cobbler
  • update the node matrix

xrootd (Nate, Suchandra, Marco)
  • latest RPM from VDT
  • xrdcp regular/secure directory, cp test on the machine with xrootd-fs (Marco)
  • xrootd redirector on itb-kvm3
  • xrootd server on itb-kvm1, 3 of them
  • xrootd-fs on itbv-bmx

SRM tester - automatic tester for SRM (from Alex)

edge7 and c018 are using edge4 as home dir server

move panda and ITB robot to point to the new machine

ITB machines are sharing OSG_DATA from the Tier 2 /export/osgvo - home directory for the OSG VO

OSG_APP and OSG_DATA are still shared between the Tier 2, Tier 3 and ITB
  • start with a clean OSG_DATA
  • start with a clean OSG_APP
  • use only CVMFS for ATLAS - it is already configured like that in Panda

Move the NFS server off itb1(virtual) to itb2 (physical)
  • prefer that to be on a physical machine
  • long term
  • itb2 is not part of the 101 vlan

-- MarcoMambelli - 01 Mar 2011
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