Deprecated links and old information for ITB efforts

Deprecated Tier3 nodes

These are physical machines that were in part used for ITB purposes and are no more used by ITB. They can go back to be fully allocated for Tier 3 purposes. Note that these machine have already roles within the Tier 3 cluster as in UCTier3 and those remain.

This table lists their former roles in ITB (for Tier 3 roles see UCTier3)
Name Primary Job Notes
uct3-edge5 staging node, VTB/ITB test server Condor "shadow queue" job manager; runs a private OSG gatekeeper for testing; django/webserver for surveyor, has graphtools installed on it
uct3-edge6 VTB (OSG) ITB/VTB dCache pool node; syslog-ng logging , splunk server
uct3-edge7 VTB (OSG) Used for itb/vtb test gatekeeper, vmware server hosting test cluster (UC_ITB)
uct3-c020...uct3-c022 compute nodes for edge7 gatekeeper  
uct3-c001...uct3-c022 condor sleep nodes  

Effort Reports

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