FY07-Q2 Effort Report of Marco Mambelli

This effort report covers the period of activity of Marco Mambelli from January-March, 2007.

Tier2 Data Services, see further: http://twiki.mwt2.org/bin/view/DataServices/WebHome. This activity involves a joint group from the Midwest Tier2 Center and Argonne National Lab (Jack Cranshaw, David Malon, Jerry Gieraltowski, Rob Gardner).

The goal of the activity is to design, prototype and package services that:
  • Host or provide access to ATLAS specific database services, such as TAG and possibly conditions (IOV and calibration) databases.
  • Provide a dataset skimming service (DSS) for Tier2-resident datasets through either command line or web interfaces.
  • Provide users the ability to access the Tier2's DQ2 server.

Work towards these goals included: group coordination (chairing meetings, taking minutes); planning, scope definition and initial organization; prototype data services machine initial deployment; testing.

  • Deployment of version 0.2 of DSS on UC_ATLAS_MWT2 and MWT2_UC cluster. This version presents a first integration of most of the components of the service. This has been discussed at the Munich software workshop.
  • Full chain test of DSS of O(10000) event dataset which included a skim extraction based on TAG metadata attributes.
  • Development of the Data Movement Utilities component (DMU) of DSS to move data reliably between local storage elements and worker nodes, including file registration in DQ2 site services. The DMU component is also in use by Panda.

Additional activities from M. Mambelli:
  • Panda contributions: development and maintenance of the JobScheduler in collaboration with Xin Zhao and Paul Nilsson, and continued troubleshooting of group developments of this component.
  • Continued development of DQ2ProdClient2.py to support new features such as access to dCache storage elements at Tier2 centers.
  • Release coordination and packaging of the PandA packages for 0.3.x releases: PandaJS, PandaSrv, PandaJDE, Panda, auxiliary DQ-Client, 0.3.x versions.
  • Installation and upgrades of Panda job submission software on the production host at UT Arlington.
  • Troubleshooting and support of USATLAS production activity, including: job submission at OSG gatekeepers, file transfer problems, pilot execution problems.
  • Panda shifts: sole maintainer of Panda production submit host for pilots equipped to use non-BNL dCache storage elements, and for "pilot2" pilots being developed by Zhao and Nilsson.

-- MarcoMambelli - 10 Apr 2007
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