Work in Progress

Second version after chrome crashed after 2 hours of writing!

Xrootd testing

Campus Factory

Campus Factory deployment at UofC

Had to stop system condor to use 9816 for collector of this installation

  • CF on running as marco and submitting to PBS (torque/maui)
    • installed in /home/marco/cf
    • using /tmp/marco/... (cflogs-login2, sub, ...)
    • modified blah script, saves submit files (for debugging)
  • ui-gwms - submit host (schedd, collector/negotiator, flocking on CF using ui-cr)
  • ui-cr - colector/negotiator and CCB server, necessary because all PADS submit hosts are behind a firewall and port 9816 (collector) is blocked
  • itbv-pbs - partial CF install (of ~/cf) , not working because of transfer problem
  • itb4 - partial CF install (of ~/cf) , not working because of transfer problem
Documents (produced)


  • Email to Derek to explain and document the behavior of glideins/pilots
  • Security improvements and documentation by Derek
    • If nothing is done I may do it (e.g. using shared secret)
  • Sent email with suggested changes to Derek
    • condor -name -pool to select the right host, no need to use the same collector - rethink this in lieu of security - I think it is OK
    • decouple
  • install on itbv-pbs if Rob, Suchandra and Nate like the idea (not needed for testing)
    • sent email about required changes in PBS/home config
  • run on alternate port (there may be system condor, more than 1 user may use it)
  • mix CF with Glidein WMS
  • HTPC configuration
  • improve document and bring it to release
  • submission test from edge5 (osg-client)

Glidein WMS

Glidein WMS VO Frontend at UofC

installed, tested, currently stopped Components:
  • ui-gwms - Glidein WMS VO frontend installed


  • HTPC condiguration

Test Tier3 deployment

  • use Yushu infrastructure
  • deployment host from ITB
  • rest completely independent, parallel alternative infrastructure

ATLAS (free time)

Python version test

I think I tested already that python can choose the right i386 and x86_64 if they are both in the path.

Can multiple python version cohexist in the PYTHONPATH?

-- MarcoMambelli - 06 May 2011
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