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SBIR Meeting, May 18, 2007


  • Coordinates: 1-510-665-5437 #1122
  • Attending: Rob, Paul, Suchandra
  • Last meeting: NotesMay4

From last meeting

  • Paul has the back-off working in ODE if calls are taking too long; based on time for reponse, or if calls are piling up.
  • Using mock objects for the Globus pieces.
  • Will connect to ws-gram endpoints over the weekend.
  • By Monday get a 'gram hit' - successful exercise of java submit code with ws-gram service.
  • Get uct3 account for Paul
  • Setup SVN package for ODE integration code
  • Setup a page describing the uct3 resource information that Paul needs.

Meeting notes

  • Paul - will discuss problems with Stu getting java call-out piece - getting a handle on the lifecycle.
  • Command line scripts from Suchandra working fine.
  • Lots of bits and pieces - want to get the WS gram container working as a peer with the Java container on the same VM, so that ODE can work as a client.
  • Pre-fab XML job description payloads would be useful - Suchandra will provide these.
  • Suchandra will get a uct3 account setup for Paul.


  • None

-- RobGardner - 18 May 2007
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