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SBIR Meeting, Jun 8, 2007


  • Coordinates: 10am Chicago; 1-510-665-5437 #1122
  • Attending: Rob, Paul, Suchandra, Ravi, Maciej
  • Last meeting: NotesJun1

Action items from last week

  • Paul to get ODE integration package into shape that Ravi can look at. Paul to port Axis 1 to Axis 2.
  • Setup testbed on uct3-edge7.
  • Ravi to help with the GSI security pieces.

Updates - Paul

  • Did some literature searches for other approaches.
  • OMII has integration with ActiveBPEL: (Look for "BPEL 3.0.0".) They've got some kind of integration with the Eclipse BPEL UI (, too. And I went through WEEP; it wasn't particularly pretty (console logging, tightly bound to AXIS2 internals, etc.), but there may be usable bits.
  • Note: Eclipse is an IDE - used for development in python, ruby, java, etc. "emacs" for the 21st century. Backed by most major vendors, and is open source. There is an Eclipse editing plug-in, visual, etc. The OMII group wants to add to palette inside eclipse to support grid ops, specifically WSRF. Curious to see how they do this, can pieces be re-used.
  • Also went through WEEP code base - the BPEL engine construct from U Vienna, uses WSRF resources. Implementation tightly woven with Axis 2. Paul notes some of the coding immature.
  • Appears noone has done a wsrf-ODE integration.
  • Ravi's work is part of the caBig release: See workflow factory service.
  • Hooking ODE to the Globus container via RMI as the protocol. This makes the Globus components available to ODE components in the container.
  • Ravi worries that security may an issue - Gram needs a delegated credential, you need a sudo-like layer in Gram. Discussion here.
  • Ravi is still working on delegating user credentials through the WS gram service. Discussing ws-gram protocol in detail - lots of steps.

Next steps

  • Ravi and Paul to discuss further the ws-gram protocol, and possible integration strategies with ODE.

-- RobGardner - 07 Jun 2007
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