SBIR Meeting, April 6, 2007


  • Coordinates: 1-510-665-5437 #1122
  • Attending: Maciej, Paul, Suchandra


  • Paul is downloading ODE and compiling - lots of changes recently. Note its in the incubation process so there is no release schedule or packaging. Afterwards will get promoted into a project.
  • Expect a release version in the next month.
  • Maciej: could also use the Intalio releases - versioned PXE. Probably more stable.

WS Gram

  • Suchandra has been using a client tool that interfaces to WS gram.
  • Will get together his current set of scripts to Paul.

BPEL scripts (Paul)

  • Can hand-code the bpel to do this. Could also try to model in BPMN - higher order graphical description.
  • Check Paul's DN - is it in the OSG VOMS? At least get him into the uct2 GUMS.
  • Need to look into message passing details of ws-gram, for example, how one authenticates the service.
  • See, Gram API description
  • Goal: run a hello world to a ws-gram service from the bpel engine.
  • Note Stu Martin is the developer of ws-gram, and we can consult if necessary.
  • See Example of using java api for globus submission


  • Meet again next week at this time.

-- RobGardner - 04 Apr 2007
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