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SBIR Meeting, April 13, 2007


  • Coordinates: 1-510-665-5437 #1122
  • Attending: tbd
  • Last meeting: NotesApr6

Paul's investigations

  • Suchandra has provided a globus test script to Paul for checking out.
  • Looking through WSDL documents on wiki, downloaded gt4 source. Not yet able to get it build. Point was to look into plain ODE with WS requests; or take gtk and use client from ODE as endpoint.
  • Another option is to use Java client (see URL from last meeting)
  • Since OSG users will use globus client binaries, makes sense to test from that point.
  • In batch mode, an xml piece is provided ("EPR") that can be used - end-point-reference (eg. a target for a callback). Note this is understood by BPEL and ODE.
  • Test workload: Suchandra's matrix inverter.
  • Paul: see job types here,

Grid authentication, tests

  • OSG on uct3-edge6 not available (host problems); uct3-edge5 should be available soon (Suchandra - getting host certificates)
  • Paul's DN in local GUMS server or in OSG VOMS - all okay? Aim to hit Gram endpoint by Wednesday.
  • Note: an OSG 0.4.1 client is available in /opt/osg-client/ on uct3-edge3 (if that could be useful)

PXE/ODE installation

  • More on either Intalio PXE or incubating open source Apache ODE: both work fine.
  • Installation, config, functional testing - stand alone: try to stick with ODE.
  • Paul will put an install recipe off the twiki.

Initial WS Gram-PXE integration

  • "Hello world" via WS XML interface from PXE (decide to use jar clients, see above)
  • etc...


  • Rob not available next week.

-- RobGardner - 12 Apr 2007
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