New workers should be benchmarked via HEPSpec2k6 before being put online.

Before running the benchmarks, ensure the CPU power management mode is set to Maximum Performance. This can be set from the command line:

omconfig chassis biossetup attribute=SysProfile setting=PerfOptimized

Reboot for the changes to take effect.

The benchmark suite is in /opt/hepspec/spec2006-sl7.tar.gz on uct2-int; this tarball should be copied to and unpacked in /root on the worker:

scp -pq uct2-int:/opt/hepspec/spec2006-sl7.tar.gz .
tar xzf spec2006-sl7.tar.gz

Modify with the correct email address and comment (replace the below examples as appropriate).
./ -e "" -d "MWT2(IU)" -f ./results -a $myBits

NB: MWT2(UC) in the default line should be replaced by MWT2(IU) as shown above.

Run both the 32-bit and 64-bit tests. As each test will take multiple hours, run them in either a tmux or screen session. Tests cannot run concurrently; they will need to be run in sequence.

# ./ 32
# ./ 64

The scripts can also be run in the background rather than using tmux or screen:

# ./ 32 >& /root/spec2006/results/build-spec2k6_32.log &
# ./ 64 >& /root/spec2006/results/build-spec2k6_64.log &

Use tail -f to watch the log file as the job progresses.

The results and related test files will end up in a tarball in /root/spec2006/results/<num_bits>, e.g.
[root@iut2-c292 32]# ls /root/spec2006/results/*
spec2k6-iut2-c292-20190327-140056.tar.gz  spec2k6-iut2-c292-20190328-105610.tar.gz

spec2k6-iut2-c292-20190327-172631  spec2k6-iut2-c292-20190327-172631.tar.gz

The numeric part of the tarball name will contain the date and time the test ran.

The number to add to the spreadsheet is in the file system.txt in the tarball. To quickly extract this, you can run the following (replace spec2k6-iut2-c292-20190328-105610.tar.gz with the correct tarball name):
[root@iut2-c292 results]# tar -Oxzf /root/spec2006/results/32/spec2k6-iut2-c292-20190328-105610.tar.gz *system.txt | grep Result
Result: 901.52

Once both tests have completed, add the results to the HS06 spreadsheet.

If the results for an individual node seem particularly low, check the processor settings in BIOS. Hyperthreading should be enabled and CPU Power Management should be set to Maximum Performance.
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