MWT2 Systems

Key for Sysview

Sysview shows the status of all job slots at five sites in one view.

They appear in the following order with no separators:

  • MWT2 at University of Chicago (MWT2_UC)
  • MWT2 at Indiana University (MWT2_IU)
  • MWT2 at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (MWT2_UIUC)
  • UChicago Computing Cooperative (UC3)
  • UChicago Tier 3 (UCT3)

Each square in the view represents a job slot (cpu core). The square consists of two colors; a 14x14 pixel slot identifier surrounded by a 1 pixel frame. The slot identifier may contain a symbol indicating the job type running in the slot.

The meaning of the slot identifier color is as follows:

Identifier Description
Black Empty slot in online state
Yellow Empty slot in midline state (only opportunistic jobs allowed)
Pink Empty slot in offline state
Red Empty slot in error state or node timestamp has expired (down)
Purple Empty slot without a timestamp (condor not running)
Green Slot is running an efficient job. The color starts as light green and turns to a darker shade as CPU time accumulates
Blue Slot is running a stuck ("cold") job. The wall clock time greatly exceeds the CPU time. The greater the difference, the deeper the blue color
White Slot is running a newly started job (less than 1 minute old)

Each slot identifier is encapsulated by a frame whose color indicates the following:

Frame Description
Black Default frame color for all slot identifiers
Grey Online slot not running a job (only used on black slot identifiers)
Yellow Midline slot running a job of any type
Pink Offline slot running a job of any type
Red Error slot running a job of any type or node timestamp has expired
Purple Online slot running a job without a timestamp

Each slot identifier with the color green, blue or white may also use a symbol to represent the job type running in the slot:

Symbol Job Type
No symbol ATLAS Production
ATLAS Analysis
ATLAS Install
Remote Cluster Consolidation
Virtual Tier 3
OSG opportunistic usage
HCC opportunistic usage
GLOW opportunistic usage
ENGAGE opportunistic usage
LSST opportunistic usage
dZero (samgrid) opportunistic usage
NOvA opportunistic usage
UC3 opportunistic usage
USCMS opportunistic usage
MIS opportunistic usage
CSUI opportunistic usage
OSGEDU opportunistic usage
Unknown opportunistic usage

The small version is a static image, you can embed this in other places.

The large version is interactive. Hovering over a square shows CPU name, and clicking on the square shows job details.

Clicking on the small version takes you to the large one.

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