Rucio Admin Ops Manual

This page will describe as a decision tree, the options available to the Rucio client and the rucio-admin client, and also describe the various daemons available to Rucio administrators.

Rucio Client

"ping,whoami,list-file-replicas,list-dataset-replicas,add-dataset,add-container,attach,detach,ls,list-dids,list-parent-dids,list-parent-datasets,list-scopes,close,reopen,stat,erase,list-files,list-content,list-content-history,upload,get,download,get-metadata,set-metadata,get-did-meta,add-did-meta,delete-did-meta,list-dids-by-meta,list-rse-usage,list-account-usage,list-account-limits,add-rule,delete-rule,rule-info,list-rules,list-rules-history,update-rule,move-rule,list-rses,list-rse-attributes,list-datasets-rse,test-server,touch" - Rucio Client


Retrieves the version number of the responding Rucio server.


Retrieves the account, which corresponds to the client's authenticating identity, in the table account_map of the Rucio database. This is also the account specified in the [client] block of the (typically called 'rucio.cfg' configuration.


Rucio-Admin Client

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