Here are the rules we're currently aggregating under:

Destination Site Source Site Selector Title Prefix Additional Tags MWT2 Twiki * [twiki] mwt2, wiki, activity
OSG JIRA assignee=marco [jira] osg, ticket, activity
github commits to ubolt:master [git] ubolt, git, activity
Rob's blog tag=fax   blog, news
Rob's blog tag=mwt2   blog, news
Rob's blog tag=uc3   blog, news
David's blog tag=mwt2   blog, news
David's blog tag=uc3   blog, news
UC3 Wiki * [wiki] uc3, wiki
USACF JIRA tag=fax, tag=public [jira] fax, ticket, activity
USACF JIRA tag=mwt2, tag=public [jira] mwt2, ticket, activity
USACF JIRA tag=ubolt, tag=public [jira] ubolt, ticket, activity
USACF JIRA tag=uc3, tag=public [jira] uc3, ticket, activity (proposed) Rob's blog tag=osg    
David's blog tag=osg    
Suchandra's blog tag=osg    
Marco's blog tag=osg    

So, primary tags for the internal aggregator are as follows:
Tag Link RSS Link (for resyndication)

Note that to some degree, these need to be configured specifically per blog -- the WordPress installation needs to know that Marco will be using the UC3 tag, for example. I hope to find a way around this.

Other notes:
  • need to add Lincoln everywhere that makes sense
  • need to add Suchandra and Marco to non-OSG feeds
  • Wordpress aggregation rules a little unwieldy, looking for an alternative

-- DavidChampion - 02 Apr 2013
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