Starting from where we left off with PathenaTry2.


  • source /osg/app/atlas_app/atlas_rel/13.0.30/cmtsite/ -tag=,32,AtlasPoint1
  • (I forgot to cd to an work directory, so my home directory is being used for InstallArea, etc.)
  • export CMTPATH=`pwd`:$CMTPATH
  • export
  • export CVS_RSH=ssh
  • export PATHENA_GRID_SETUP_SH=/share/osg-client/

Setup packages

  • cd ~/work/13.0.30/PhysicsAnalysis/DistributedAnalysis/PandaTools/cmt
  • source; make
  • cd ~/work/13.0.30/PhysicsAnalysis/SUSYPhys/SUSYValidation/cmt/
  • source; make
  • I then setup a "run" directory in the same subdirectory as InstallArea, which in this case is my home directory.
  • mkdir ~/run3
  • cd ~run3
  • get_files

setup grid

  • source /share/osg-client/
  • grid-proxy-init

Temporary fix for PYTHONPATH in osg-client

  • echo $PYTHONPATH > file
  • edit file and remove /share/osg-client/globus/lib64/python:
  • export PYTHONPATH=`cat file`


  • pathena --inDS valid2_valid1.005403.SU3_jimmy_susy.recon.AOD.v13003003 --outDS user.RobertWGardnerJr.test0 --site ANALY_MWT2
  • Here is a PathenaSessionTry3.

Job monitoring

Troubleshooting ANALY_MWT2


To do from Nurcan

9. Once the job is completed, get the output ntuple (root file) by: $ dq2_get -rv user.YourName.test

10. Run a root macro from SUSYValidation package to make plots $ get_files susy_RTT.C $ root -b -q susy_RTT.C\(\"nameOfRootFile\"\)

11. This will create png files for plots. You see them on your web browser if you like: $ get_files plot_SU3.html Put the png files and plot_SU3.html on your web server and look at plot_SU3.html on your browser.

12. You can send the job to other sites by specifying the site name as: ANALY_UTA, ANALY_AGLT2, ANALY_NET2, ANALY_SLAC, ANALY_OU_OCHEP_SWT2


-- RobGardner - 11 Feb 2008
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