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  • VO meeting


  • Proposal for lunch seminar next week:
    Marco Mambelli, Distributed systems engineer, Computation Institute, University of Chicago
    Open Science Grid resources and use: ways to run your jobs and access your data in this distributed environment
    The Open Science Grid (OSG) is a multi-disciplinary partnership to federate local, regional, community and national cyberinfrastructures to meet the needs of research and academic communities at all scales.
    In this talk I will present OSG; show how different communities, Virtual Organizations (VO) use OSG; illustrate data collected both at the OSG and VO level; introduce how interested researchers can start using OSG.
    Marco is currently responsible for Site Coordination in Open Science Grid, including support and troubleshooting activities. He has been involved in the design, development and use of production grids for the past 7 years, starting with the Grid3 project.  
  • DOC meeting
    • Jim Weichel in the documentation group
  • reopened OSG cluster survey
  • Summary of PERFSonar project (open)
    • Current work on NAGIOS plugins (from Jason):
      Is there an anonymous user/pass:                                                                                                        
      A username and password are being requested by The site says: "Internet2 SVN"                                
    • Other emails:
      1.:  See the presentation       
      2.: I think Brian is your best bet there.
      3.: At fermilab and for development we run collector that requires only tomcat to run. 
       However installing from the VDT is also relatively simple.  Shawn McKee has some experience and might be able to help you out.  
      4.: The probe library proper is indeed only available in python and we recommend writing the probe in python. 
       However some of the existing probes (for example the condor) are written in perl (the perl code  writes out a python script and then run it).                                                                               
      Most of the Gratia documentation and pointers to the source code can be found at                                                       
      In particular see:                             
       To write a probe see 
       and the source code for the Metrics probe (used by RSV):    
       For a new record type one would also need to create a new set of java class along the line of the class MetricRecord as seen in the 3 files, MetricRecordLoader.Java and the schema file MetricRecord.hbm.xml  which can be found in      
  • survey list of first respondents:
    Ney Lemke
    José Roberto B. Gimenez	
    Jorge Rodriguez	
    Alexander Herrera
    Rodrigo Prior Bechelli	
    Graham Allan
    Shawn McKee 
    Jeffrey Dutton	 
    Kevin Buterbaugh 
    Garhan Attebury	
    Horst Severini	
    Poonam Mane	
    Jadir Marra da Silva
    Sergio Ballestrero
    Diego Alberto Rincon Yañez
    Richard Jones	
    Peter Doherty	
    Terrence Martin	
    Derek Weitzel
    Gabriel Winckler
    Bob Ball	
    Kevin Cleary	
    Wei Yang	
    Michael Thomas	
    Will Maier


Tickets opened:

Tickets wip:

Tickets closed:

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