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  • vacation


  • Glidein-WMS installation on GC
    • gc1-ui - install missing packages
    • gi-vofe - install i86_64
    • email to Igor
  • OSG Production meeting
  • Campfire


  • Writing about Sites for OSG'
    here are a couple of paragraph. I can change that if you give me some feedback:
    OSG and its Integration and Sites Coordination activities help improve the quality of grid software
    releases prior to deployment on the OSG and help sites deploy and operate OSG services thereby
    achieving greater success in production. More than 90% of the sites (95% as of 1/18/2011) uses OSG
    1.2, the latest production version.
    Novel site administrators benefit greatly from entering in an active and generous community: they
    received training and regular support that can help them starting a grid site from the ground up and
    can exchange ideas with a lot of knowledgeable colleagues. More than once new members coming to OSG
    hands-on workshops have been surprised by the many experts eager to help.
    Also experienced site administrators get advantage from workshops, meetings and being part of the OSG
    community: they can be in touch with software experts and developers and and can "compare notes".
    And networking opportunities can end up helping also in unexpected ways like in hardware procurements.
    More than one site administrator thanked OSG for its "tutoring" approach that made it possible for
    them to understand distributed computing, get started and become independent.
    Site Coordination and meetings minutes (include also hands-on sessions at all hands meeting and site
    administrators workshops):
    Integration activity:
    Campfire transcripts:
  • LHC Tier 3 meeting:
    • emails with Andy, Tim, Charles
  • OSG AH - talk with experts
    • prepare AC meeting, fix twiki page, announcement for LHC Tier 3s


  • Meeting about new infrastructure for ITB
  • skipped VO meeting
  • OSG' site accomplishments
    • collection of thank you:
      Hi Gabriele,                                                                                              
      is is difficult to come out with the best success story.                                                  
      Preventive work (testing, improving configuration) is silent: things are                                  
      OK if you don't hear about sites and the fact that production has been                                    
      running pretty smoothly and we could focus on smaller sites and new VOs is                                
      a good sign.                                                                                              
      Campfire has a lot of little stories improving existing sites or helping                                  
      new ones. It has been rewarding to feel the enthusiasm of our friends                                     
      in South America stating thir Grid or the gratitude of colleagues with                                    
      one less problem.                                                                                         
      Here a collection of thank yous from Campfire, some are interesting and                                   
      okay thanks.	
      yep - working - thanks a lot!	
      Sure thank you	
      ok, thanks	
      thanks to you too for helpign me understnd	
      thanks for all	
      Thanks a lot	
      thanks for the certificates	
      thank you for coming to campfire , I am logging off for the day	
      nice , thank you 
      I will do that . Again, thanks.	
      Thanks for all your help -- it did reveal a systemic problem in doing these tests.
      good to know.. thanks	
      Thank you for helping.	
      thanks, bye	
      thank you for the tip
      thanks for your help.	
      ok, thanks, glad to know.	
      Things are looking good now. Thanks again!
      Great, thank you
      OK, thanks ... I'll do that and come back to campfire tomorrow if it doesn't work. Thanks again...
      I got it now, thanks 
      That worked for me :), thanks
      Thank you for insisting and woking out the problems
      thanks dude
      thanks for all the help
      thank you so much for all your help
      hey guys really really thanks this is the first public CE for the project in the country	
      ok, thanks
      we did it!!! thanks a lot


  • DOC meeting
    • VOMS testing done
    • GUMS testing done: bug fixed, document updated
    • Email to Robert with navigation suggestions for documentation


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