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Feb 2 2010
To: osg-int@OPENSCIENCEGRID.ORG, OSG Sites Mailing List 
Subject: This week support shifts on OSG Campfire

each week you can join the OSG Campfire chatroom to get support or clarify your OSG questions.

This week shifts are:
Tue 11:30am-3pm Central time  - Marco                                                                                                                        
Wed 11:30am-3pm Central time  - Marco                                                                                                                        
Fri 11:30am-3pm Central time  - Suchandra                                                                                                                    
(Time are: 12:30-4pm East, 9:30am-1pm West)
If you cannot join us at that time you can receive email support or other time-slots can be arranged. Write us to:

If you have a Campfire account join the chat using: http://integrationcloud.campfirenow.com/login
or if you do not use: http://integrationcloud.campfirenow.com/6e62e

If it is the first time you come to campfire, please type also your email so that we can reach you if there are follow-ups to your question.

Logs of the day will be available (login required) at: 

You can connect also to the Jabber chat room osg@conference.indiana.edu, where several very experienced folks tend to lurk. 

OSG Integration & Sites 

  • Email to coordinate campfire
Suchandra, Iwona,                                                                                                                          
I'm writing to confirm with you your availability to cover Campfire shifts in June. Current schedule (Chicago time) is:                    
Tue 11:30-3 - Marco                                                                                                                        
Wed 11:30-3 - Iwona                                                                                                                        
Fri 11:30-3 - Suchandra                                                                                                                    
If yes, please add your entries on the google calendar.                                                                                    
As usual changes are possible whenever needed. Just notify in advance if you will not be available.                                        
Thank you,                                                                                                                                 

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Send reminder to osg-sites and OSG-T3-LIASON@OPENSCIENCEGRID.ORG

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Documents Condor development: Blahp: Development on ui-cr /opt/marco BOSCO on the Web: Jira:

Git info:
git clone http://condor-git.cs.wisc.edu/repos/condor.git
git branch V7_7-bosco-marco origin/V7_7-bosco-publicbranch
git branch -a
git checkout V7_7-bosco-marco
git pull



From the Doc meeting: New doc documents:


ITB at UChicago



Meetings at UofC

UofC web


Distributed System seminars


To load the Root CAs in the browser go to: Note that Root CA must be enabled to trust also people (not only websites).

The new pages for the OSG CA:

Certificate renewal triggers an email that can be used to retrieve the cert form the same browser. No need to resend the request if the import failed. Just use the link in the email.

Each time the certificate is renewed a new request letter is necessary because it is certificate based and not DN based.

TO create new certificates invoke cert-gridadmin and follow the prompts or
cert-gridadmin --host gc1-ce.mydomain.org --email marco@hep.uchicago.edu --affiliation osg --vo osgedu --prefix gc1-ce

for the http certificate use the same cert-gridadmin command but add "--service http" and change prefix "--prefix http-gc1-ce"

To check the status of a certificate request see: http://pki1.doegrids.org/ca/srchCert.html

Useful openssl commands (x509, grid cert): -- MarcoMambelli - 13 May 2009
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