Testbed machine inventory

The testbed we are using is the very old Tier 2 prototype cluster (admin page protected). Some of its features:
  • is the cluster management node (runs Puppet and Cobbler) --
  • tier2-02 (alias tier2-osg) is the job management node (runs Condor) assign as a data serverr
  • tier2-04 -- available: assign to be the redirector
  • tier2-u2 - an interactive user node assign to run XrootdFS
  • tier2-se2 (alias se2) is a storage node on the internal network; has two 1.8 TB partitions
  • se5 serves the home directories & is the main user management node
  • tier2-c021.local, tier2-c022.local: worker nodes, 32 bit Xeon 3.0 GHz dual CPU (single core) machines, 2GB RAM/core, all on a private network (but with outbound internet access)
  • Servers running SL5.3 with a 2.6.18-164 kernel (with variations for both)


  • Service accounts have already been created: atlasadmin, condor, xrootd
  • Working with Aaron to get these consistently setup.
  • Aside: to re-run puppet (on node in question) /usr/sbin/puppetd --onetime --no-daemonize --logdest syslog
  • We have some cleanup to do (/etc/passwd, /etc/group)

Checking firewalls

On both redirector and data server, eg:
# /etc/init.d/iptables status
Firewall is stopped.


  • tier2-02: /opt
  • tier2-04: /opt
  • tier2-u2: /opt
  • # cd /opt
    # wget
    # tar --no-same-owner -xzvf pacman-3.28.tar.gz
    # ln -s pacman-3.28 pacman
    # cd pacman
    # source 


Data server

  • tier2-02 - seems weird to use this host, but its got some disk and this is a throw-away test.
  • I followed the instructions
  • Same thing regarding the bind mount trick, so we have the same directory structure on both machines (/xrd/path/, /xrd/cache/).


  • tier2-u2, a "user" machine
  • We want to mount the xrootd file system implemented by tier2-4 and tier2-02

Benchmark jobs


-- RobGardner - 20 Jun 2010
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