• DQ2 operations - see
  • Marty's task focus -
  • Nanohub and CDF VO's - how to enable?
    • Accounts already created. How were these names chosen?
    • How do I check the GUMS server?
    • gums-host generateGridMapfile this works from t2dev, but not on tier2-02.
    • confusion about old grid installations - /share/grid has a year old OSG install. I say lets delete it.
    • now, questions about what should be exported.
    • remove mount point for /share/grid in /etc/auto.share/ - this is done on tier2-mgt. (comment out for now)
    • push /etc/auto.share out to headnodes.
    • 411put will put it out to the workernodes.
    • reload the automounter's configuration clusterwide. services autofs reload.
    • onall -a does all the headnodes. onall is a script written by Marty, its in /share/adm.
    • Marty also uses /var/adm, for node specific configuration and scripts.
    • Then: =cluster-fork /etc/init.d/autofs reload =. automounter is reloading its configuration.
    • Now - osg workernode client is installed someplace, and is exported everywhere.
    • look at /opt/osg/gums for more config files.
  • Twiki opening, can't find the preferences setting. - wait for Greg
  • Condor behavior
  • ITB cluster diagnostics
  • Two nodes require manual assembly of software RAIDS. tier2-04 and atlashome. MDADM. Can we generate a recipe to recover in case either of these crash. Marty will generate a recipe. .
  • Marty will document what was done to put condor uprade into rocks on dev cluster.

-- RobGardner - 21 Feb 2009
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