Minutes Feb 15

Plan for the week

Plan for public IP assignments:
  • 10 IPs for ITB (7 rolled over, 3 new)
  • virtual Tier 3 for now can run using private IPs
  • in the future a public frontend may be needed and probably submit host too

Plan for this week (Robert):
  • get the first KVM up and running with everything on it.
  • add Ganglia monitor to it
Plan for this week (Suchandra):
  • itb-mon and itb-web up and running
  • koan/cobler setup

Nate requested a modified UL kernel but was unable to obtain it. The building of UL5 kernel with AFS for Tier 3 and virtual IO for KVM failed

Drivers for virtual IO:
  • normally the virtual OS can use regular drivers (and the device access is emulated)
  • virtual drivers are optimized drivers for the virtual OS to bypass emulation (obtain better performance)
  • stock SL 5.5 kernel has virtual drivers 2.6.18-194.26-1 (2.6.18-238.1.1 update available from RHEL)
  • UL 4 is not supporting virtual drivers

EPL repository:
  • 3rd party repository with useful software
  • there will be problems once VDT

Marco TODO:
  • request to be admin of osg-sites
  • sign up Nate, Aaron

Discussion on workernodes with single partition or separate partitions (scratch or CVMFS):
  • Tier 2 has a mix of single partition, separate partitions
  • single big disk is easier to manage (replace HW)
  • single partition has no fragmentation
  • some nodes had the 2 HD replaced with a single one bigger than the sum of the 2

We'll test CVMFS on the ITB cluster

LVM or files for VMs:
  • files give 10% better performance (Suchandra tests)
  • online documents normally recommend LVM
  • cobbler by default uses files (creates them for you using koan), so they are easier to use
Suchandra recommends the use of files - files it is

Plan for the week:
  • itb2 up
  • itb-web and itb-mon up
  • Suchandra will start recycling Grid Colombia IPs
  • 2 physical and 1 virtual WN
    • the virtual one will have all the machine dedicated to it (to compare to HW workernode)
  • itb-cloud will be a KVM machine

Marco will ping back to Sebastian for virtual WN updates.

Robert talked with Kate and she will provide a summary of what Nimbus is providing.

-- MarcoMambelli - 15 Feb 2011
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