Jobview install / configuration

PBS version should be installed on the system running maui and scheduling jobs so accounting and job logs don't need to be shipped. Condor version can be installed on monitoring web host.

RPM packages installed

Following files installed from default repos:
  • rrdtool
  • perl-Class-Singleton
  • perl-XML-XPath (only needed for pbs monitoring)
  • perl-DateManip (only need for pbs monitoring)
  • perl-XML-Writer
  • perl-XML-Simple
  • perl-JSON
  • rrdtool-perl

Installed from ITB repo:
  • perl-Template-Alloy

Jobview setup

Get appropriate tarball from either:

  • Untar in /opt/
  • symlink jobview to untarred directory
  • in /opt/jobview:
    • edit
      • Change CONDOR_CONFIG, PERL5LIB to point to right locations
      • Add
        BASEDIR = /opt/jobview 
    • edit other files as outlined in web page
    • edit bin/ and change BASEDIR * edit bin/ and change paths as needed
  • run ./
  • run ./
  • If no errors setup cron job to run, get overview.cron from pbs tarball and modify that
  • For PBS install, setup ssh host based authentication so that scp in can work

Web setup

Create following directories:
  • /var/www/html/jobview-condor
  • /var/www/html/jobview-condor/images
  • /var/www/html/jobview-pbs
  • /var/www/html/jobview-pbs/images
  • copy css, js, and icon directories from /opt/jobview/html

-- SuchandraThapa - 24 Mar 2011
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