Meeting October 17


Tuesday 10/17 at 2.30pm Chicago time

Phone conference ESNet Call: 510-665-5437

When: October 17, 2006, 02:30 PM America/Chicago

Meeting ID: 22333


  • Files and DB access
  • TAGs produced by Jerry
  • registering files
  • review 10/10 action items
  • set this week action items


Attending: Ed, Jerry, Jack, Marco, Robert


In this section I tried to report the discussion. Feel free to correct or add to this.The most important is the action section.

Tadashi did a modified version of the DQ2 tools that should work with UC_VOB: he sent an email to Jack. This modification requires the update of the installation. There have been complaints about DQ2 user tools: DQ2 Tools use AFS; they are not documented anywhere.

Ed would like a matrix of all runing services: where are SRM, DBs, ... Current information is fragmented. A page is available here: DatasetsUCdCache

Jack asked for the possibility to get notified when a page changes - Robert will look into it

Jack tested Athena with the LRC: connected to LRC on tier2-05, used the POOL tools to access the DB (they worked fine). The problem for an effective use is that all PFNs are all with gsiftp://... (necessary for DQ2 access) that Athena cannot understand. The result is that it cannot access any of those files. Accordin to Jack (from Tadashi) Pathena accesses files in dCache without copying them. Marco will look into it.

Robert: A possible test could be a manually executed script without using Athina: take the TAG files as input and use them directly. i.e. Copy manually the files to the working dir, create a local PoolFileCatalog, work on local files.

Ed remembered ti think to the development path (longer term): will this model work on the cluster (local queue) or on the Grid? - Marco: yes because is the model used and tested by Panda (copy the files to the local dir, work, copy back)

Which is the preferred model? Copy locally to the working directory, access remotely, ...? Some evaluation (comparative tests) would be useful.

Ed suggests to modify the DB in order to refer to the local path of the files. Marco: all modifications have not to break DQ2 that uses the LRC.

Jerry produced some TAGs: it is documented in TestsonCreatingTAGs . Further documentation and uploaded files will provide a complete description


  • update dq2usertools (Tadashi's modifications) (Marco)
    • I have tried unsuccesfully to copy files stored in dcache on tier2-06 using the dq2_get command. Not sure if this is a problem with the file alone or some other problem with UC_VOB. Will continue to investigate with Ed May. - Jerry
  • ask Tadashi how to access remotely files in dCache (or not local in general) (Marco)
  • test to see how Athena behaves with multiple PFN (dCache or local) (Jack)
  • local test (copy files, create local PFC, check that you get the full file content, try a query - using the files, no DB) (Jack - Jerry)
  • setup condor on tier2-06 (Marco)
  • test running on the WNs using Condor (Jerry)
    • I have successfully tested using condorG to submit simple "helloworld" jobs to various OSG sites. Staging an executable worked fine as well as transferring back both an output and error file. The next step wil lbe to test a grid job to create a TAG output file using ATLAS Release 12.0.3. - Jerry
  • test accessing files remotely (Jerry - Marco)
  • preliminary version of Rob's test - see if feasible and what is involved (Jack)


-- MarcoMambelli - 17 Oct 2006
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