Meeting November 7


Tuesday 11/7 at 2.30pm Chicago time

Phone conference ESNet Call: 510-665-5437

When: November 7, 2006, 02:30 PM America/Chicago

Meeting ID: 22333


  • data services project plan
  • review 11/1 action items
  • set this week action items


Attending: David, Ed, Jack, Jerry, Marco, Robert


RWG: Sketch of plan and deliverables in WebHome

  • Skim selector: -> collection usable in the extractor

There is a plan to register the metadata about how the skim was produced but it is not there. Registering a skim is not too different from what production does. That should be registered as dataset (even if the events have not been extracted in a set of files) AMI should provide part of this metadata capturing. Timescale: release 13 (end of January) is supposed to have some of these metadata capturing.

Registering a DS name and by hand save some information somewhere. There is no general naming convention for skims. There are some for reconstruction, ... (production) DDM operations or SWIG are proposing conventions

Skim DB

David: SkReg - pubblication of the datased in DDM (bunch of AOD) SkPub - publication of the metadata about the skim in the BD (TAG DB) Metadata system (AMI) the same for ATLAS and AOD produced someway else

RWG: skim output not necessary is in AOD std format

Hope: maintain std as much as possible User will produce their own touple Production want to track the outputs (at least the files)

performance measure, monitoring

How different is from Panda: group of jobs, monitoring process of a group of jobs.

this service should integrate with Pathena or be able to work on a local system (e.g. in th local batch queue) take adwantage of anything behind Pathena Contructing the job streams and automating: this is done by the skim extractor The service should allow to give the skim or the result of the skim selector and allow the user to go out and do the job.

putting down initial guesses as how these things fit together which way arrows go? what's in the box? each element has its own page what are the inputs/outputs?

what is publishing a collection? coming out from the skim selector?

Deadline Friday: more details, comments, edit the page directly (also with question marks, ...) everyone has a review of the boxes, new components, description of components...,

Umich - Calibration center, will it have some similarities, overlaps? International ATLAS Muon - have a model to handle remote calibration: Oracle DB and Oracle streams replication

dccp problems with large files (>2GB), g-u-c not

-- MarcoMambelli - 07 Nov 2006
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