• Jack, Jerry, Rob, Marco, Sasha


  • results of last week's test
  • next tests
  • prototype development
  • presentations at CERN

Discussion of the prototype exercise last week

  • Plots have been made with, and without the cuts.
  • 20 out of 250 events pass the cuts.
  • A "tag file" is the output skimselector, extracted from the skim database.

Next steps

  • Why don't we do the whole file.
  • Need to chain trees together.
  • Run the 20 event prototype sample on the workernode.
  • Run as a Condor job
  • Run as a grid job via Condor-G <-- later.

Tag navigator tool - Jerry

  • This is from the Glasgow group. See
  • Don't work very well in an OSG environment (works better in LCG?). Dies when it invokes dq2.
  • Does a lot of things we've done by hand. Creates a JDL file.
  • We should be able to borrow components.
  • Jack will setup phone meeting next week with Jerry, Marco, Katrina.

Presentations next week

  • Which session? First, is our progress significant enough? Yes.
  • We have a design - its been gone over a couple of times.
  • And, we have a continuity test.
  • Well on our way to a prototype.
  • Which session? Database or distributed analysis? Probably database.
  • For Pathena backend/plugin module, need to understand the interfaces better, and perhaps request changes from Tadashi.

-- RobGardner - 05 Dec 2006
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