• Marco, Jack, Rob, Tom, David
  • Next meeting - invite Dan.


  • Jack is exploring running pathena at brookahven; general checkout.
  • Instructions are given for cern and bnl.
  • AFS dependence? not sure.
  • Tom: Jimmy has tried it - worried about it working at places other than brookhaven. Waiting on a better review from Jimmy before jumping in.
  • Jack will keep exploring pathena.

TAG datasets

  • Jack called Ian to submit a bunch a merged jobs (produces three datasets, a TAG dataset, logs, and a merged AOD dataset) - should subscribe to both.
  • there are 45 tasks producing datasets with TAGs, mostly empty right now..
  • Should we subscribe to these today? Subscribe and monitor xfers of these CSC11 datasets -Marco .
  • Need to understand why subscription requests are not being filled - Marco (consult with Dan) .
  • Install SRM client on tier2-06 - the data service prototype machine. -Marco .
  • Setup twiki page for DS prototype machine - Marco
  • Make sure POOL utilities are built and in place to connect to database, and database setup properly. Will document in the twiki - Jack


Reviewing To-do lists

  • See DataServiceToDo list
    • Abandoning Rome dataset
    • First CSC11 file transferred, was done with a dq2 client by hand, not in any catalog.
    • Subscription for dataset doesn't seem to be working. Why aren't they being transferred in a timely way?
    • Setting up a code respository - not sure how much coding there is going to be. And there are general pieces, etc, they should be placed in someplace more ATLAS visible. Defer for the moment. .
    • See above RED items

-- RobGardner - 08 Aug 2006
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