David, Sasha, Jack, Paul, Marco, Rob, Richard Hansen (welcome), Ed

Twiki issues

Tier2 and general discussion

  • We discussed differences in roles between US and LCG Tier2s (Sasha's points).
  • Discussed DSS project in general. Agreed that focus on which data services should be available at Tier2 is still right direction. We need to flesh out the specifics.

Review of whats been done with TAGs - Jack

  • Rome datasets are in TAG databases (Oracle and Mysql) -- identical content
  • BNL db is corrupt, don't use it.
  • Collection schema description? POOL tools work with both (eg. list-attributes) that come with ATLAS releases. or ATLAS database twiki.
  • Are we routinely producing tags as part of AOD.
  • pathena can take TAG dataset as input and process events, at least at BNL.
    • it can take a tag file as input and turn it into a set of jobs
    • How modular is existing code?
    • PAT group is promoting pathena
    • concerns about dependence on central services and complications
  • Use CSC11 datasets and their associated TAG datafiles.
  • Want to make sure we choose the right datasets to work with (not Rome datasets)
  • Need more merged AOD files (and TAG files). An example file was 885 MB.
  • Note: EDM has evolved in CSC12.
  • Schema - there is the underlying structure (pool defined), and then the attributes (its in the ATLAS release). Jack will provide some documentation.
  • Where does one go to find a list of tags?

Concrete deliverables

  • Building and updating a local tag database from tag files (Marco, Jack)
  • Take a relational database, do query, then create output for something downstream, eg. pathena (factorize this).
  • Find out which AOD files correspond to a tag database, including any query.
  • Find out if referenced files in fact exist locally.
    • Return information on the LFC, and the DDM for datasets.
  • Capturing output of skims in a local database - Ed's suggestion.
  • Factorize project into:
    • Front-end: engine to query relational database and create tag files for analysis
    • Back-end: modular framework to use any available job submission tool, such as pathena, or a local job submission system
  • Investigate pathena capabilities and report

Calibration and Alignment data challenge - Sasha

  • November, given delays
  • What exactly should be hosted there?
  • Not sure what the calibration model will be. Note - all subsystems will use COOL.
  • Not sure what capabilities and services will be necessary at Tier2?


  • Offline database meeting focused on event store issues every two weeks. Next meeting is Wednesday, 8:15am Chicago time.
  • Tuesday afternoons, 2:30pm, weekly at least until the SW week.

-- RobGardner - 01 Aug 2006
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