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Upload directly the collection file with from Helen pages (currently you have to download it to the local disk)

Coordinate with Helen to get the Skim metadata

Which are the added advantage

Custom job option (for slimming and thinning)
  • Slimming: Know the item list, select from it. Or being able to insert a custom jobOption
  • Thinning: add code to what is run

Jack: has a python script to extract item lists after setting up an ATLAS release Give the user the option to submit a pathena job.

DSS: - import metadata (what I need, which format) - allow costom jobOption or a way to select only some item (track jobOption and slimming info) - flexible extraction (local resources or pathena) - track which parts of the extraction failed and which succeded

About the new skim definition page: Source dataset: - has to be derived (from metadata) TAG database link: should point to the selected one, not to the DB list (use active pages?)

Integrating the project with other projects (Hellen, ...) instead of linking only would give more momentum. Reuse some of the development (in term of query specification, ...). This would allow to spend more time on what is behind more than on user interfaces.

The TAG DB (or collection) metadata would provide the release to use. A single release can be used for the whole extraction

-- MarcoMambelli - 02 Aug 2007
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