UC3 Cycle Seeder Admin

This is a twiki page for documenting UC3 cycle seeder administration.

UC3 - the Project

Hosts and roles

Name VM Services
Specs (1)
Public IP
Status (2)

  • (1) Machine specs:
    • Hardware in case of physical machine (model/RAM/disk)
      • R410: Dual X5660 (Westmere), 2.8 GHz, 48GB RAM, 4x1 TB SATA disk, SAS2 controller
    • VM specs (cores/RAM/disk allocated)
  • (2) Machine status:
    • DONE - running and operational
    • NEW - installed but off
    • WP - work in progress

Install and config notes

To do:

Usage and testing notes

References to other admins guides

Note when referencing articles in the Admins web, do so like this, eg: Admins.CobberInstallConfig.

CycleSeeder Web Utilities

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